The world's first

Mobile Display EnhancerTM

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Dramatically Improve Your Phone

Reduce Screen Reflection by >85%

Brighter, More Colorful Display

4x More Viewable in High Ambient Light Condition 


Lowest Reflection


Ngomad's Mobile Display EnhancerTM is the world's first aftermarket overlay to have a Precision Optics Grade Anti-Reflection Coating. It reduces screen reflection to under 0.7% compared to 4.5% of standard cover glass. Ngomad's Anti-Reflection performance is significantly better, in both visible spectrum and especially in high-energy (blue) wavelength reflection, than that of Apple's latest iPads.

"The screens on all displays are mirrors that reflect light ...  

which washes out on-screen colors, degrades image contrast,

and interferes with seeing the on-screen images.

The lower the screen reflectance the better.

In fact, decreasing the screen reflectance by 50%

doubles the effective contrast ratio in ambient light "


How It's Made

Ngomad's Mobile Display EnhancerTM is Made in USA and is patent pending

Superior Durability

Anti-reflective Coating


Due to limitations of existing depositions technologies, anti-reflective (AR) coatings are typically limited to 4 or fewer layers and soft dielectric materials. These limitations result in sub-par performance and durability and are the reason AR coatings have not been available on mobile phones.

Ngomad's Mobile Display EnhancerTM uses a new deposition technology termed UltraDepTM (developed by General Plasma Inc.). The process stability, uniformity and density of UltraDep overcomes these coating challenges and enables the application of a sophisticated, broadband 6 layer precision optical stack. Ngomad’s Enhancer greatly exceeds the durability of competitive AR films and, with the addition of an oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating, meets the rigorous environmental requirements demanded by the application.

Phong Ngo

Phong Ngo

John Madocks

John Madocks


Our Story

Ngomad, Inc. launched in early 2017, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Plasma Inc. The company name, Ngomad, is a play from the founders' last names Ngo and Madocks, and is pronounced nomad (the "g" is silent). Nomad is defined as a person who does not stay long in the same place and embodies the company's spirit of innovation and desire to travel where no company has gone before. Ngomad is excited to take General Plasma's proprietary UltraDep technology to the consumer market.