Introducing Eclipse



Premium Glass Screen Protector

with a Durable, Precision Optical Coating

  • Double Display Contrast Ratio

  • 2x Improvement in Outdoor Viewability

  • More Scratch Resistant than Gorilla Glass

  • Easy to Install with Provided Kit

  • Made in USA

iPhone with Eclipse.png
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Eclipse is a disruptive technology advancement verified by expert

… the Eclipse almost doubles Display Contrast in ambient light, which significantly improves image and picture contrast and screen readability. This is a major display technology development for smartphones
— Dr. Raymond Soneira - Displaymate Technology

Lowest Reflection Display

EclipseTM by Ngomad is the world's first aftermarket screen protector to have a Precision Optics Grade Anti-Reflection Coating. Eclipse is superior to other anti-reflective products on the market including Apple's latest products


70% Less Reflection

  • Significantly improves outdoor phone use

  • Less squinting & eye strain

  • Also reduces glare on front camera

80% More Contrast Ratio

  • Brighter, more vibrant color display

  • Clearer, easier to read display information

iPhone X + Eclipse.png

 Anti-Glare vs Eclipse Anti-Reflection

All of the screen protectors and glare reducers I have previously tested actually increase rather than decrease screen reflectance
— Dr. Raymond Soneira - Displaymate Technology

Made in USA


Eclipse is made in America by Ngomad, Inc. (pronounced “nomad”). The chemically strengthened glass substrate is sourced from China (currently the only available supply source) and the bubble-free adhesive is from Japan. The multi-layer anti-reflective coating plus top layer anti-fingerprint are developed and manufactured at Ngomad’s facility in Tucson, Arizona

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